Best Photographs of 2017

Here are my favorite images taken in 2017, posted in the order in which they appear in my 2018 calendar.

If you wish to purchase prints, or other products with the image on them, just click on the photo you’re interested in and you’ll go directly to that photo on my website. Thank you for looking! Hope you enjoy them.

Mar DSC1108 s

Lobster Traps in Galilee, Rhode Island

Apr IMG_0952 ed Poster Edges s

Spring Flowers and the Barn

May DSC1151 Viv s

Stone Wall in Rhode Island

June IMG_1079 - BuzSim and Craquelure s

The Rondout at Eddyville

Ed DSC0012 s

Jamestown Marsh with Pell Bridge

Oct DSC0782 Nik Viv o BuzSim s

Sauer Farm, Mt. Marion

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