It’s in the Timing

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I just saw a news video from the local TV station showing a Coast Guard ice breaker making its way up the Hudson River from West Point to Albany to clear a path through the frozen river for the traffic to get through. Here’s the link:

Aside from its scenic beauty, the Hudson has always been and still is an important thoroughfare for commercial traffic. This is especially important right now since most of the heating oil used in our area is transported this way, and we’ve had really frigid temperatures since early this week!

About three years ago at this time I happened to be visiting one of my favorite local photo spots at Plum Point on the Hudson, figuring on getting some “frozen Hudson” shots. I had no sooner set up camera and tripod than along came the Coast Guard vessel breaking a path through the ice. Great timing! I got a number of shots, but the one at the top here was the best.

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My Favorite Photos from 2013

I need your help! I’ve whittled my faves from 2013 down to twenty images, but I want to get it down to the Top Ten to feature on my website. Below are the top twenty. Please have a look and send me a comment on your favorites. You may select any number of photos but no more than ten. The photo number and caption are under each photo, but just giving the number is fine. You don’t have to rate them in order, but you may if you wish.

To make it still more interesting for you, here’s an incentive: Each person who sends a comment listing their favorite(s) will be entered in a drawing to receive a signed 8.5 x 11 print. On January 20 I will select three names at random from among those who have commented; those three will receive one of the prizes.

So, here are the photos — please tell me which ones you would nominate for the Top Ten of 2013.

1 - Poughkeepsie

1 – Poughkeepsie

2 - Baltimore Sunrise

2 – Baltimore Sunrise

3 - Inner Harbor

3 – Inner Harbor

4 - Omaha Diner

4 – Omaha Diner

5 - Thunderbird Wheel

5 – Thunderbird Wheel

6 - New Hampshire Storefront

6 – New Hampshire Storefront

7 - Historic Rhode Island

7 – Historic Rhode Island

8 - Gritty Old Car

8 – Gritty Old Car

9 - Newport, RI

9 – Newport, RI

10 - Poughkeepsie in B&W

10 – Poughkeepsie in B&W

11 - Poets Walk Park

11 – Poets Walk Park

12 - New Hampshire Reflections

12 – New Hampshire Reflections

13 - The Old Barn

13 – The Old Barn

14 - Crawford Notch

14 – Crawford Notch

15 - Catskill Trees

15 – Catskill Trees

16 - Chapel Pond

16 – Chapel Pond

17 - Autumn Color Splash

17 – Autumn Color Splash

18 - Autumn Evening at the Lake

18 – Autumn Evening at the Lake

19 - Cold Spring Resort

19 – Cold Spring Resort

20 - Lexington Hotel

20 – Lexington Hotel