Fall Foliage Questions? Ask Jeff Folger

The Old Barn

The Old Barn

It’s getting to be that season again: fall foliage, when we head out with our cameras to capture nature going out literally in a blaze of glory. Due to the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had in the Northeast, the foliage in the New York and New England areas is on the late side this year.  My friends from the New England Photography Guild are reporting the colors slowly and gradually developing, and Dr. Robert Kozlow, who has just published his third book of photographs of New Hampshire, tells me it may well be mid-October or later before the colors peak there.

17 - Autumn Color Splash

 Autumn Color Splash

If you want literally up-to-the-minute information on New England foliage, you should be following photographer/blogger Jeff Folger, who with good reason is nicknamed Jeff Foliage. Come this time of year, he hits the road to drive everywhere and report on what he sees. And Jeff reports not only on the status of the foliage itself — he’ll also recommend places to stay when you’re in the area, always places where he himself has stayed, no guesswork here. Check out his blog here.

During the non-foliage season (notice how fall foliage is so important that the other times of yearDSC-2678 s are referred to in the negative), Jeff is busy monitoring all sorts of meteorological reports so he can offer educated prognoses on what sort of a foliage season will await us in New England.  And not only does he offer the information on his blog — he also replies to personal questions, including requests for recommendations for driving tours, etc. (always with the disclaimer that this is not scientific but educated guesswork based on years of experience and research).

Jeff is also a stunning photographer. You can view his work on his Fine Art America website and purchase not only prints but also a wide array of photo products. Click here for a look.

Another disclaimer: The photos in this post aren’t Jeff’s but mine, taken, of course, last year or earlier. (And they’re for sale; click on the image for information.} This year’s burst of color still awaits the attention of my camera.

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