No easy answer to this important question. Thanks, Jeff Sinon!

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Do you photograph what you love or what will sell?

A fairly simple question, but for those of us hoping of one day living the dream and becoming full time professional photographers, it’s a question that might not be so easy to answer.

From the moment I sold my first print a thought occurred to me: would the desire to sell more photos affect the way I photograph?

I’d like to think the answer is no.

But, I wonder…

Those of you who’ve been following me for any length of time know I’ve got a thing for waterfalls. Yet I barely sell or license any waterfall photographs. Yet I continue to photograph waterfalls year round, whenever I get a chance.

So it’s passion, right?

whaleback light at dusk with large rocks in the foreground

Then there are lighthouses, a subject I know has a much broader appeal with the public. While I’m not head-over-heals in love with them, there are…

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One thought on “Passion or Profit?

  1. It is an important question. As one who is living of my photography, I do mean that making a living out of photography changes the way you shoot. For the most part you need to cater to a client’s taste, even if they hire you for your vision. And if the majority of what you shoot is for clients, it will have an impact on how you develop as a photographer compared to if you were completely free to pursue anything that might interest you.

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