The Hudson Valley and Catskills Post-Irene

Walkway 1Those of you who are familiar with my obsession for making funky images of paths and walkways won’t be surprised by this one — I took this picture yesterday while navigating the Walkway Over the Hudson, New York’s newest State Park, a 1.28-mile (each way) walkway connecting the historic village of Highland and the town of Poughkeepsie on the opposite side of the river.

But here’s another photo I also took yesterday from the new Walkway. It shows the Lordly Hudson, now muddy brown and with green debris–I think it must be some form of algae; anyway, my boots were full of it after I walked out of the now flooded and damaged trail that leads to the Saugerties Lighthouse–as a result of Hurricane Irene.Walkway 2

This is all I’m going to say in my photo blog this week. Instead, I’m going to direct you, no, ask, even beg you please to read my Hudson Valley and Catskills blog. You’ll find more pictures there.

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